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Initial consultation with us

We conduct a consultation process which usually takes about 15 minutes the first time that you visit us..

The one off fee for a consultation is £5.00


Vivien offers three types of Aromatherapy sessions for you to choose from, although please be aware that aromatherapy is not advised during the first trimester of a pregnancy.

A 30 minute aromatherapy massage session is £30.00
A 60 minute 50/50 aromatherapy massage and reflexology is £45.00
A 70 minute aromatherapy massage session is £50.00

Combination Session

Combination sessions require both of us working on you simultaneously. They take 90 minutes to complete, which equates to three hours of treatment if you had this as individual sessions, one after the other.

A 90 minute combination session is £100.00

Indian Head Massage

Vivien offers two options of Indian Head Massage

A 30 minute Indian head massage is £25.00
A 60 minute 50/50 Indian head massage and reflexology is £40.00


Paul provides a Full Body Massage

A 60 minute Full body massage is £40.00


Vivien offers two options of Reflexology treatment

A 60 minute Reflexology session is £40.00
A 60 minute 50/50 Reflexology and IHM is £40.00

Remedial Massage

Paul provides the Remedial Massage sessions for working on localised problematic areas of your body.

A 30 minute Remedial massage is £30.00

Life Force Healing

We both offer healing, so you can choose to have either one of us or both of us at the same time. If you choose to have both of us, then the time will be divided by 2

A 30 minute healing session is £25.00
A 60 minute healing session is £40.00

Self Acceptance Healing

Paul provides this specialised healing session which should take about 60 minutes to complete (although it can take longer, so it is charged for a 60 minute session, then by 15 minute intervals if it takes longer than an hour)

A 60 minute Self Acceptance healing session is £50.00
Additional 15 minute additions are charged at £10.00 per increment

Contact Details

Old Church House, Great Barugh, Malton. North Yorkshire. YO17 6UZ.


01653 668110